Diagnosis of Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy.

There is no conclusive diagnostic test for CIDP making diagnosis difficult.  The symptoms are common with many other auto immune disorders. This often means that diagnosis may take a long time.

A diagnosis of CIDP requires the following:

  • Weakness of two or more limbs
  • Partial loss of tendon reflexes
  • Progression over eight weeks or relapses
  • Nerve conduction studies show myelin damage in the peripheral nerves
  • Blood tests to exclude other autoimmune diseases

Evaluation and Tests  including what is a neurological exam?  Electro diagnosis, nerve/muscle biopsy, imaging & Quant Sensory testing


There are CIDP variants which are similar:

  • CIDP with Central Nervous System features
  • Focal upper limb demyelinating CIDP
  • Sensory CIDP
  • Childhood CIDP
  • CIDP: Acute onset
  • and more variants - go to CIDP variants

Pubmed  Importance of the nerve biopsy for the diagnosis of atypical forms.

See treatment options.



PubMed information on diagnosis of CIDP.


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